We Deliver Locally!!

The Issue

Large coffee roaster have inventory and supply chain challenges that add to the time between roast and cup. Additionally, stores have inventory and sales that also add to the time between roast and cup. Time between roast and cup will have a quick and continuous affect of the flavor and aroma of what you want to enjoy either in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Our Solution

At Groundation Coffee, we care about you and your cup of coffee. Our local delivery option is specifically designed to offer you the best and freshest coffee that we possibly can!

Additionally, our shipment goals are similar. Roast and ship as soon as possible. Unfortunately, shipping automatically add time and generally the cost to next day a bag of coffee is excessive. We recommend that you get some friends together and order multiple bags of coffee together in order to share shipping cost and if possible order whole bean and grind your coffee at home.

Let's Enjoy Amazing Coffee Together!

A Great Way To Enjoy Fresh Roasted Coffee


If you live or work in the 49306 or 49505 zip code you will be the first customers that we offer local deliver services. Simply place your order and select “Local Delivery” at checkout. There is a minimum purchase fee of $35 dollars for this service. As our coffee is fresh roasted it is possible that we will have to roast the coffee before delivering; this process can add an additional 3 days to allow the beans to “degas” before delivery.

Expanding Delivery Options??

Our sincere apologies if you are outside of our local delivery area. We do offer shipping and recommend ordering as a group in larger quantities to defer delivery cost. With shipping we will use the same strategy as we do with delivery. Our goal is to minimize time between cup and roast. To accomplish this we may need a few extra days to process so that the time from “Roast to Cup” is minimized.

Help your Friend or Family!

At Groundation Coffee we want everyone to enjoy the amazing coffee that small batch roasters can offer. Please let your friends and family know about us. They will thank you as they enjoy their coffee for a long time.

Contact Us

Does fresh roasted coffee sound wonderful to you? Just email or text to be added to our local delivery group. You will be sent a text or email when it is time to order! Otherwise you can start shopping from this page and we will ship you fresh roasted coffee. Groundation Coffee will always strive to minimize “Roast to Cup Time” so that you can enjoy our amazing coffee!

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