About Us

Groundation Coffee is small batch roaster that focuses on meeting the needs of friends and associates. You’re most likely here because someone you know and trust referred us to you, and not because of marketing or advertisement. That’s the way we like it.

It’s likely that you hold close to your heart similar values to ours such as love, trust, integrity and quality.  Our goal isn’t to sell to everyone, our goal is to provide a quality coffee that helps you start and enjoy your day. There are many times that I reflect on how much more enjoyable our coffee is. I’m very thankful that I started this adventure and I hope that you enjoy our coffee as much as we do. If you do please post your experience or simply drop us a line giving us permission to post your comments. Blessings.

Carefully Selected

We carefully choose the finest quality beans for our roast, and you can tell.

Hand Roasted

We’ve perfected our temperatures and process for the best roast.

Packaged With Care

Each bag is quality ensured, because we care. Enjoy!

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