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We’re a small-batch roaster that focuses on meeting the needs of our coffee friends with an amazingly fresh bag of coffee. Treat yourself to the striking difference in both the taste and aroma that a small batch roaster offers.

Our goal is to minimize “Time between Roast and Cup” to maximize your coffee experience!


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Current Fundraiser

Nigerian Mission

Groundation Coffee has decided, in collaboration with our own children, to donate through Mother’s Memorial UPCI to help send students to Bible School. With your purchase of our Nicaragua Maracaturra, Groundation Coffee will send 100% of proceeds to educate a child. After hearing about the families that are in need of education and a Godly witness, our four children felt a burden to raise money to give students a chance to receive an opportunity to better their futures!

The purchase of this coffee will help support students throughout countries such as Nigeria, Belize, Ghana,Tanzania, and so many more. In these countries, the support will be sending up to 10 students to bible school. If you are interested in learning more information about this cause, please visit www.studentstories.org.

Our selection of Nicaraguan Maracaturra Organic coffee will also be supporting the coffee farmers, through commerce, in a country that is experiencing financial hardship; and loans for next year’s crop are expected to be difficult. Supplies are limited and our goal is to sell 125 bags of amazing fresh roasted Nicaraguan coffee this month!! We look forward to working with you on this venture! Thank you for your support!!!

We ♥ Coffee!

Our coffee is premium roasted, and we love it! In fact, we’re sure you will, too… Find out why we stand by our coffee!

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We deliver locally!

We are developing our local delivery strategy with an initial focus of scheduled deliveries in Belmont and Plainfield. The scheduled local delivery is part of our strategy to offer the freshest roasted coffee to our customers.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“I love Groundation coffee! David and Amy care deeply about their products, and the people who use them. The coffee was rich and delicious, and the experience working with them was excellent. Thank you!”

Jay Jones

Pastor, Pentecostals of Kentwood

Ok coffee lovers. I have to put the word out there. I usually hate making coffee at home. It’s never as good as the coffee house, even the expensive brands. But let me tell you this stuff is AMAZING!! Not to mention it is a local business. Try some, spread the word…Groundation Coffee!

Dana R.

Coffee Drinker 🙂

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