We ♥ Charities

The Issue

Charities and NonProfit entities often operate on shoestring budgets, and put their energies and resources into touching communities in powerful ways. This presents unique challenges in raising capital to do the incredible things they do every day. Consumers can ease that burden and enjoy doing so if a portion of their purchases could be used.

Our Solution

At Groundation Coffee, we care about the good being done by others, and have found a way to help. We work with select charities to offer a percentage of each qualified purchase as a donation back to them. When customers shop using that charity’s special URL, we track those purchases and send funds to them to continue changing the world.

Let's Change The World Together

A Great Way To Raise Funds

Share the Love

Approved charities are given a special URL to share with their members, families and friends. This social avenue reinforces our mutual vision and values.

Buy Great Coffee

Referrals purchase our coffee using the special URL. Our products are always fresh, specially selected and hand-roasted. Profits are generated.

Change the World

As qualified orders are made, profits generated are split with the approved charity. This results in more capital to made big differences.

Contact Us

Does this all sound wonderful to you? If you’re a charity or non-profit, and are interested in partnering with us, let’s start a conversation and see if it’s a good match.

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